Rudolf Schröter is considered the father of modern Czechoslovakian pressed glass. He was born in 1887 in Germany. He graduated as a designer and then worked in a Rhine glass factory in Cologne. In 1912 he started to work as glass designer in Rudolf’s smelter factory, which belonged to the Inwald glass company. Previously the glass factory processed glass, which should have imitated brushed glass. With the arrival of Rudolf Schröter this trend changed and he designed products, which did not deny the origin of the pressed glass. He designed the Lord, Pollax, Boule and Perforal sets, as well as many other products, which were continued by a younger generation of glass designers.

Schröter’s sets of the 1920’s and 1930’s were considered by Alena Adlerová as “major pioneering works of our glass design, created directly under the influence of functionalism.”

Rudolf Schröter spent his entire career in the Inwald glass company, to which he brought great success. The cooperation lasted since the period between the two world wars until the late 1950’s. In this later period a new generation of designers is coming to the factory - Jiří Zejmon and Václav Hanuš, who graduated VŠUP under Professor Štípl.

Rudolf Schröter is also the designer of the famous “Durit” cup, which began to be produced in 1934 and is still in production.

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