He graduated from the College of Arts and Crafts in Prague by Professor Karel Štipl (1953-59)

He studied together with Vízner, Jurnikl and Urban. He worked in glassworks Moravia in Moravský Kyjov, where he dealt mostly with industrial design of glass for everyday use. In 1965, he worked in Rosice near Brno where he created over 200 designs.

In the 60s, pressed glass reflected mostly sculptural approach to the matter and unification of decor. Brabec’s, sometimes psychedelic decor with some vases effectively use optical properties of glass and mold unique designs. He is able to give an artistically interesting character to cheap, mass produced objects.

Brabec designs include, for example, beer mug with links, which some of you may remember. He also designed five liter jar for pickles.

Vase Collection: