František VÍZNER

(1936 - 2011)


František Vízner is one of the most prominent glass artists. He was devoted to pressed, blown and cut glass. He studied at VSUP in the studio of Karl Štipl. He started to work in Dubí u Teplic (later Sklo Union) in the early 60s, he created famous works from pressed glass here. In 1967 he left to Šrkdlovice, where he devoted himself to blown glass. Later he has quit his job and started his career and devoted himself to atelier cut glass.

In Dubí Vízner has a free hand in production of pressed glass, he has almost no restrictions. Vízner is aware of the pressing technology and understands the new possibilities and potential of compression. Pots doesn’t have to only be thin, especially with colored glass he optically highlights the subject, and he realizes the structural grooving, which is typical for Vízner’s work. Outside the structure in his works we can see geometric shapes, balanced proportions, monumentality, work with lines or focus on the optical properties of glass.

During his work in Dubí he created a big number of original and variously shaped objects. Vízner was a true designer, his designs had functional and esthetic plane. Vízner’s pressed glass is currently highly prized among collectors.

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