During 1933 through 1937 he studied at the vocational jewelry school in Turnov, where he quickly learned to engrave glass and precious stones. During 1937 through 1941 he studied at the Applied Arts School in Prague, in the studio of professor Kysela and Štipl. During 1947 through 1950 he studied at the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, at the department of glyptic and graphics. From 1950 he worked as an assistant, later as an associate professor and professor the University of Fine Arts in Prague.

Soukup is primarily a glyptic, which largely determines his glasswork. This reflects also in his engraved vases with figural themes from the turn of the 1950’s and 1960’s. At the same time Soukup dealt with the issue of glass design and his pressed set in 1952 moved the development in this field towards visual and technological sovereignty in a decisive way. In 1960’s he expanded his glasswork with monumental works.

Vase Collection: