He studied in School of Arts and Crafts in 1961in Železny Brod. The principal was then Stanislav Libenský. In 1969 Pánek started as an artist in the company Sklo Union in Teplice, where he worked until 1995. He belongs to the youngest designers of pressed glass. Soon he earned a deserved respect by other artist. In seventies Pánek made his highly rated Boutique, which is made by the new way of casting molds.

In 1972 Pánek realizes animal anaglyph of Aries, lion, Capricorn, which are unique. He used specific benefits of compression technology in his production. The core (hull) forms a hollow space and the rest of the body is formed independently.

Pánek’s contributions to pressed glass are to be found in the ability to experiment with various glass techniques and extend them to new themes.

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