Known author of pressed designs. Jurnikls designs had great commercial success. His style is unique, characterized by strong artistry. Shapes of Jurnikls pressed glass are clearly harmonious and expressive. They appear as very decorative in the interior.

Jurnikl studied in Kamenicky Šenov in the department of glass engraving and later he continued to study on College of Arts and Crafts in Prague by Prof Štipl. In 1958-1988 he was artist in glassworks Rudolfova Huť in Dubi U Teplic, where he cooperated with F. Vízner and L. Urban.

In the 60s he participated in a new visually expressive concept of pressed glass. He effectively managed to realize it. Jurnikls works from these years are not connected with anything from past. His designs has dynamic forms and lively curves. In 70s Jurnikl used a floral design, which persisted than.

Iconic for his work is a vase called SUN, later OSAKA, which was exhibited at EXPO in Japan in 1970.

Sklo Union Domov 1961/4 Glasrevue 1965/10

Vase Collection: