František PEČENÝ



Pečeny belongs to the first generation of glassmakers, who started to work on pressed glass after war. He studied at School of Arts and Crafts in Prague. IN 1947 he became an artist in Hermanova Hut, later Glass union.

From the beginning he tried to give artistic value to pressed glass, which would distinguish it from imitating of the cut glass. The designs of this designer are characterized mainly by using optical quality of glass. He uses simple surface layout and later he adds various lens effects. In seventies as a master of decor he applies relief decor, especially flower ornament.

František Pečený had a serious accident in the mid-sixties, he lost one eye. After recovery he returned to work.

Pressed glass of František Pečený was exhibited for example at EXPO 58 in Brussels, Czechoslovak glass Moscow1959 or on exhibition Czech pressed glass Gottwaldow 1972.

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